Lease Briefing

Lease Briefing

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Get it All with Lease Briefing

Can you imagine your tenants sitting down and watching a video

that shows them about housekeeping inspections, bedbugs, and HUD Compliance

 Everyone gets the same message.

Helps with HUD Compliance.   Cost only $900.00 (for 15 page lease) prices may change without notice.

If you have a HUD program this video is a must.

Helps landlords pass Inspections.

 All your move-in’s assures a consistent message, which also would assist in a possible defense of a Fair Housing complaints.  This guarantees you are “saying” the same thing to each and every tenant.  

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Housekeeping & Lease Briefing Videos

Lease Briefing Video cost $900.00 .. for 15 pages.

Your lease is the production with Subtitles that will make it ADA compliant.

We will add up to 10 pictures.

Please call for pricing if you want to add information to the Lease Briefing Video.